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Common Eye Injuries

Common Causes of Eye Injury

Many of the most common causes of eye injuries involve objects flying through the air. This could happen indoors or out, and usually involves some sort of accident or mishap. Some eye injuries, however, are caused by intentional forces, which can cause permanent injury, such as a detached retina.


Eye injuries can cause temporary or permanent vision loss, or even total blindness. In many cases, people suffering eye injuries do not realize it. That is because many injuries do not necessarily cause pain, but they do affect vision. A detached retina generally is not painful, for example, but it causes vision loss and could lead to permanent blindness in the affected eye. A good optometry practice can help you deal with the aftereffects of eye injuries, and help you prevent them with specially made safety glasses.

Most Common Causes of Eye Injury

You can injure your eyes while indoors or outdoors.  Many different sports involve flying objects that can cause significant damage to your eyes.  It’s always a good idea to wear some form of eye protection while playing sports, whether it be your regular prescription glasses or specially crafted sports eye protection.

A chemical splash is another common example of a simple eye injury that could happen in the home. If you ever accidently drop a bottle with a loose cap, the liquid inside often shoots out upon landing. Many household chemicals, from soaps to pest control substances, while innocuous or mildly irritating to your skin, can be extremely harmful to your eyes.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says most eye injuries in the United States arise from:

  • Punches
  • Blows caused by hands, balls, or other sports gear
  • Industrial work or explosions that cause flying objects
  • Flying objects, like BBs, bungee cords, and fireworks
  • Splashing chemicals

If you suspect you or someone else has suffered an eye injury, a local optometry practice is your best bet for treatment. If the injury is an immediate one, a trip to the emergency room is in order to minimize and possibly prevent long-term eye damage.

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