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Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions Treated by Our North Richland Hills Optometrists

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Here at Advantage Eyecare, our optometrists can diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions, some of which might otherwise cause permanent vision loss. You can rely on our North Richland Hills optometry team to provide the best possible care for such diverse conditions as:

  • Glaucoma - Glaucoma is usually the result of excess pressure inside the eye. This pressure causes progressive damage to the optic nerves, eventually robbing you of your vision. Our exam techniques can catch this condition early, allowing us to control it with medication.
  • Macular Degeneration - In macular degeneration, the area of the retina called the macula loses its ability to provide clear central vision. The early stage of the condition is called "dry" macular degeneration, while the later stage is called "wet" macular degeneration. Treatment for the dry variety include lifestyle and nutritional adjustments; the wet variety can be slowed with injectable medications.
  • Diabetes - Diabetes damages the sensitive blood vessels that nourish the retina, causing a condition called diabetic retinopathy. We can provide extra eye exams to help diabetics monitor their retinal condition and recommend treatments to minimize further damage.
  • Cataracts - Cataracts cloud the lens of the eye, creating visual distortions such as blurriness, altered color perception and "halos" around lights. Our eye doctors can monitor your cataracts, prescribe compensating corrective lenses and co-manage your surgery if you need lens replacement.
  • Red Eyes - Red eyes are caused by injuries, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, burst blood vessels, allergy issues or computer vision syndrome. We can pinpoint the cause of the redness and prescribe the appropriate care to clear it up.
  • Dry Eyes - Dry eyes can leave your eyes constantly irritated and place them at risk for infection and corneal ulceration. We can determine the underlying cause of your dry eyes and treat them with lifestyle changes, eye drops, a medication called Xiidra and a soothing new eyelid scrub called Avenova.
  • Foreign Body Removal - A foreign body in the eye is not only painful, but it can also do significant damage. Our eye doctors can remove ocular and corneal foreign bodies swiftly and efficiently to relieve your suffering and save the eye from injury.
  • Allergy - An allergy problem can cause allergic conjunctivitis, not to mention ongoing watering, itchiness and other symptoms. Wearing contacts can make the problem worse. We can recommend the appropriate medications, prescribe eye drops and counsel you on smart lifestyle practices to get this problem under control.
  • Infection - The eyes can be subject to viral, bacterial or fungal infection, causing a host of symptoms and potentially leading to lasting eye damage, especially if the infection penetrates the eye's interior. We can diagnose and treat conjunctivitis and other common eye infections.

Vision Treatment for the Communities of North Richland, Colleyville, Southlake, Bedford, Keller and Hurst

If you need treatment for an eye condition in North Richland, Colleyville, Southlake, Bedford, Keller or Hurst, call 817-788-2020 for an appointment. Our optometry team can help!

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