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Cataract Treatment from our North Richland Hills Optometrist

Cataracts are a common condition with the main symptom of cloudy and blurry vision which typically develops in patients over the age of 55.  There are several contributing factors that can lead to the development of cataracts in addition to age. Prolonged sun damage that has occurred over a span of many years can lead to the development of cataracts in older age, as can conditions such as diabetes and other medical conditions. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption are also frequently cited factors in the development of cataracts that should be avoided.

The professionals at Advantage Eyecare can help you to diagnose, treat, and manage cataracts and hopefully help you to avoid or prevent the deterioration and loss of your vision.

senior female patient during an eye exam with her North Richland Hills optometrist to screen for cataracts

Early Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts

Early diagnosis of cataracts hinges on the recognition of symptoms such as cloudy and blurry vision, sensitivity to light and glare, a halo-like light around lamps, the occurrence of double vision in one eye, and increased difficulty with night vision. If you experience any of these signs or symptoms a visit to Advantage Eyecare can determine if the cause is a condition such as cataracts.

Many patients confuse the symptoms of cataracts with those of presbyopia. This condition is a typical ailment that affects many people over the age of 35. These symptoms often mask the early symptoms of cataracts. If you are experiencing any problems with your vision, it is highly recommended that you contact your Advantage Eyecare eye doctor if you think you are experiencing the symptoms of presbyopia and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Diagnosing this disorder can help you to rule out other more serious conditions such as cataracts.

Prevention, Treatment, and Management of Cataracts 

The symptoms in the early stages of cataracts can be mild and often go undetected. As we age, it is important to receive regular eye exams because the early detection and treatment of cataracts can make a significant difference in the avoidance and prevention of vision loss. The symptoms develop slowly and many patients do not realize that they are experiencing symptoms of cataracts until the disease has developed to its later stages.

Advantage Eyecare in North Richland Hills Is Your Partner in Cataract Care

If you fear that you may be experiencing the early symptoms of cataracts it is time to get help. The early detection and treatment of cataracts can help to protect your vision for a longer period of time and help you to maintain healthy eye care. Please call our North Richland Hills optometrist today at 817-788-2020 to schedule a consultation. Our office is conveniently located at 6509 Precinct Line Road in North Richland Hills.

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