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Dry Eyes

Real Relief from Dry Eye Syndrome: Effective Treatment from Your North Richland Hills TX Optometrists

Is dry eye syndrome compromising your day-to-day quality of life? Dry eye syndrome is a common, chronic and typically progressive condition. This means that without proactive treatment, your dry eye condition may be worsening. At Advantage Eyecare, our North Richland Hills, TX eye care team understands just how frustrating dry eye can be. We are here to help!

Someone suffering from dry eyes in North Richland Hills Depending on the cause for your dry eyes, treatment can range from over-the-counter artificial tears or prescription tears to in-office procedures that manage oil secretion and help tears remain on the surface of your eyes. For immediate treatment, schedule an appointment today by calling 817-788-2020 today.

What is Causing My Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are very common. In fact, nearly half of all Americans aged 18 or older regularly experience dry eye symptoms. Common symptoms include a burning sensation, itchy eyes, heavy eyes, fatigued eyes, sore eyes, red eyes, dryness sensation, and blurred vision. Studies show that eyes are most dry in the springtime due to allergies and in the winter due to dry indoor air conditions. Dry eyes are also most common in cities with high pollution and amongst individuals who spend eight or more hours on a computer each day. Additional risk factors for dry eyes include smoking, certain health conditions (e.g., diabetes), taking certain medications (e.g. blood pressure medications and antidepressants), and wearing contact lenses.

Dry eyes are caused by inadequate lubrication. Normal tear film consists of three components; the oily (lipid) component, the watery (aqueous) component, and the mucous-like (mucin) component. These tear components serve an important purpose. Tear lipids, for example, help keep the tear film from evaporating too quickly while mucin helps to spread the tears across the surface of the eye. A problem in tear production can affect the balance of these three tear components, leading to tear instability and dry eyes.

How to Treat Dry Eyes: Medicated Eye Drops, Oil Secretion Management & More

Since there are a number of different causes for dry eyes, our optometrists will first conduct an in-person diagnostic exam and ask you a series of questions to better determine the cause for your dry eyes. Based on the exam’s results, we will determine the root cause for your discomfort and which dry eye treatment is best for your needs. Many patients respond positively to over-the-counter eye drops or prescription eye drops and artificial tears. If artificial tears are not successful at alleviating your symptoms, you may benefit from steroidal eye drops.

Since extended use of steroidal eye drops can also increase the risk for developing high eye pressure and cataracts, our North Richland Hills optometrist only recommends this as a short-term treatment option. Should your dry eye discomfort persist, our optometrist will advise additional safe and effective treatment options. Additional options include punctal plugs and meibomian gland expression.

Contact Our North Richland Hills Optometrist Today!

If you have dry eyes, do not settle for this discomfort! For more information on dry eye treatment, call 817-788-2020 today. Our optometrist and friendly staff look forward to meeting you!

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