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Eye Infection Treatment

Eye Infection Treatment Options at Advantage Eyecare

An eye infection is a condition caused either by a virus, bacteria or a fungal agent. The first step in treating an eye infection is diagnosing its cause.  Though most eye infections are minor and may clear up without intervention, every case should be taken seriously. Some infections can result in severe problems if not treated correctly.

Eye Infections

Any part of the eye can be affected by an eye infection, including the eyelids, the cornea and even the retina. Infections can occur in one eye or both. Contact-lens wearers are at a higher risk for eye infections due to the possibility of fungal or bacterial contamination from improperly cleaned lenses. If you wear contact lenses and are concerned you have contracted an eye infection, wear only eyeglasses until the doctor has diagnosed and treated your condition.

eye infection treatment in North Richland HillsIf you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact Advantage Eyecare as soon as possible:

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Blurred or Reduced vision
  • Discharge
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Watering

Getting Treatment for an Eye Infection in North Richland Hills

Some of the most common eye infections include pink eye (conjunctivitis), cellulitis, fungal or viral keratitis, trachoma and eye sty. To ensure you receive the proper treatment, our optometrist will first conduct a thorough eye examination. An eye culture may be needed in order to diagnose the infection, but this is a painless procedure that takes only a few seconds. Treatment for eye infections may include eye drops, compresses or topical creams or ointments. If the infection is severe, our optometrist may prescribe antiviral eye drops or steroid eye drops if inflammation is present. Oral medications may also be indicated.

Certain types of eye infections are contagious. Pink eye, for example, is a common infection that is highly contagious. Though not dangerous, it can be quite uncomfortable. To prevent the spread of conjunctivitis among co-workers or family members, it is important to treat the infection as soon as possible. Treatment options for pink eye include anti-infective eye drops or topical ointments and compresses to relieve the symptoms.

Complications from eye infections are rare, but they do happen. An untreated infection can cause an inflammatory condition of the tear glands known as dacryostenosis or worse, blockage of the tear duct. Corneal ulcers can also be caused by infection. In the most serious cases, vision loss may occur.

Fortunately, preventing infections of the eye is even easier than treating them. Wash your hands frequently, especially if you are in contact with a person who has an eye infection. Avoid touching your eyes with your fingers, and teach children to do the same. If you wear contact lenses, follow all safety tips and hygiene protocol to ensure your lenses are clean and your eyes are healthy. Never share eye makeup or contact lens products, and throw out makeup that has passed its expiration date.

Call us today at 817-788-2020 for a consultation if you are exhibiting symptoms of an eye infection or have general concerns about your eye health!

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