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Glaucoma Test

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can occur at any age. Individuals who have a family history of glaucoma and other eye conditions are at a higher risk others. Anyone who is past the age of 60 also has a higher risk of the condition. Early detection is important. If the condition is caught in its earliest stages, treatment has a much higher success rate than if it has progressed to the point where damage to the optic nerve has already occurred.

Detecting Glaucoma

glaucoma testing in North Richland Hills Many times, glaucoma will go undetected because there are no symptoms or signs that can raise a person's suspicions. Vision tests performed by a qualified optometrist are sometimes the only way to detect the condition. Glaucoma is characterized by a buildup of pressure within the eye. Pressure can build for several reasons, but one of the most common is an accumulation of fluid. Without proper drainage, fluid can become trapped within the eyeball, causing the pressure associated with glaucoma.

If pressure continues to build, the optic nerve can be damaged. The more intraocular pressure, the more severe the damage. If left untreated, the pressure can reach a point where the damage becomes permanent. This will eventually result in partial or complete blindness. There are several ways the pressure can be reduced. The type of treatment prescribed will be determined by the amount of pressure present and its original cause. 

How a Glaucoma Test at Advantage Eyecare Can Help

Regular visits to your eye doctor will help to prevent serious conditions from hindering your vision. Optometrists test for glaucoma as a part of every regular eye check-up. Visual acuity tests, visual field tests and dilating the eyes are common ways to uncover abnormal amounts of pressure or fluid buildup. Individuals who are at a higher risk for the condition may need to be seen twice a year. This includes individuals who have already been treated for the condition and are currently experiencing no symptoms.

A tonometer is used to measure the pressure within the eye. Optometrists also measure the thickness of a person's cornea as a way of determining pressure. This type of testing or measuring is referred to as pachymetry. Various tests can be used to uncover the severity of the condition. Once the doctor has evaluated your eyes and determined the amount of pressure present, a treatment plan will be created according to your own personal needs. 

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Our vision professionals can answer your questions and perform a thorough eye exam that will help us determine the level of care you need. We can offer solutions to almost any vision problem you may be experiencing. With our technological advancements, we can detect glaucoma in its earliest stages allowing for better results and treatment options that offer the highest success rate.

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