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Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care for North Richland, Colleyville, Bedford, Keller, and Hurst TX

Advantage Eyecare can provide North Richland, Colleyville, Bedford, Keller, and Hurst TX optometry services for your entire family at every stage of life. Your eye doctor (Dr. Mark Schwartz or Dr. Arlene Schwartz) can treat:Family visiting a North Richland Hills Optometrist

  • Infants - Professional eye care should begin in infancy, since an infant's eyes must operate well enough to deliver clear images to the brain so the two types of organs can learn how to work together effectively. Our optometrists recommend that your infant receive in initial eye function exam at the age of 6 months to detect any signs of eye alignment, teaming or coordination problems.
  • Children - Following that initial eye exam in infancy, children should receive additional eye exams at 3 years of age, 6 years of age (or entry into school) and then every two years (at a minimum) after that. Once your child is ready for school, our optometrists start administering detailed vision testing to catch and correct refractive disorders such as nearsightedness or farsightedness that might contribute to eye strain, headaches, difficulty with reading/writing and poor academic performance.
  • Teens - Teens should continue to receive an eye and vision exam every two years unless they have refractive errors, in which case annual exams are necessary to maintain an accurate vision prescription. During this stage of life a refractive error can continue to change significantly from year to year, making LASIK surgery inadvisable. We can provide contacts or fashionable frames for looks-conscious teens, as well as tough, safe eyewear for contact sports and other activities.
  • Adults - Adults can experience some unwelcome changes in their vision, most notably presbyopia. This condition, which starts in middle age, makes it harder and harder for the eye's lens to focus on close-up objects. Your eye doctor can diagnose this condition during a routine vision exam and prescribe multifocal glasses or contact lenses to compensate for it.
  • Pregnant mothers - Old wives' tales notwithstanding, it's perfectly safe for pregnant women to receive eye exams and other forms of eye care, with the exception of certain procedures such as eye surgery. Expectant mothers sometimes require our help and advice for pregnancy-related eye issues such as dry eyes, light sensitivity due to hormonal changes and swollen corneas (which can create problems for contact lens wearers).
  • Seniors - Seniors have special eye care needs because of age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, dry eyes and cataracts -- as well as problems related to diabetes and high blood pressure, the risks of which rise with age. We can diagnose such issues and prescribe the appropriate treatment. If you need cataract removal surgery, we will make sure you receive the necessary pre-operative and post-operative care.

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  • "My experience at Advantage Eyecare is always excellent. Convenient online appointment application / friendly, professional staff / quick and efficient appointments. What is not to like? 5 stars and highly recommend for your eye care needs."
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