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Kids Eye Exams

The Importance of Back to School Eye Exams and Kids Eye Exams

Making sure your children receive regular eye care from your Advantage Eyecare optometrist is essential for detecting and correcting vision problems as soon as possible. In addition, children starting school without 20/20 vision can needlessly suffer academic issues simply because they cannot see the blackboard or read the text in books. Back to school eye exams also allow your eye doctor to evaluate your child's eye muscles and eye coordination. Abnormally weak eye muscles interfere with the ability of your child's eyes to work together to provide optimal binocular vision. In addition, children with refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism may experience recurring headaches, eye irritation and worsening of vision.the importance of kids eye exams from your optometrist in north richland hills

Tests Performed by Your Eye Doctor During Kids Eye Exams

For young children not yet familiar with the alphabet, your Advantage Eyecare optometrist will use an eye chart printed with pictures recognizable to preschoolers (ball, dog, cat). Eye movement, eye alignment to objects in the visual field and focusing abilities are also evaluated during kids eye exams. Autorefractors may be indicated if your child needs glasses. This device automatically determines the degree of correction necessary for placing your child's focal point at the top of the retina. Measurements obtained by an autorefractor is then translated by your eye doctor into a prescription. Back to school eye exams also include testing of a child's peripheral vision, hand/eye coordination, color vision and tracking abilities.

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Most children do not realize they are having trouble seeing because vision issues typically happen slowly enough they find ways to adjust to gradually worsening nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Symptoms of developing vision problems in children include:

  • Frequent squinting and blinking
  • Short attention spans (especially when ADHD/ADD has been ruled out as a cause of reducing attention span)
  • Complaints of headaches or saying things like "my eyes hurt" or "my eyes are tired"
  • Unusual clumsiness (barring no neurological or musculoskeletal disorders are affecting the child)
  • Covering one eye with their hand
  • Schoolwork/academic problems/lack of interest in school

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According to educational experts, learning is between 75 and 80 percent visual, meaning children who can't see clearly only absorb what they can hear in the classroom. Ensure your child gets the best start possible this school year by scheduling an appointment today for a comprehensive eye care assessment at Advantage Eyecare.

Call our office before school start to speak to a friendly staff member about the importance of kids eye exams: 817-788-2020

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