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Refraction Eye Exam in North Richland Hills, Texas

Corrective eyewear is a life-changing innovation, especially with so many advancements in specialty lens technologies. However, if you need assistance to see and focus correctly, your eyewear is only as good as your prescription.Doctor in North Richland Hills providing a refraction eye exam

At Advantage Eyecare, our optometrists want to make sure you have a precise, up-to-date prescription at all times. Our refraction eye exams are comprehensive but comfortable, and they allow us to determine exactly what your eyes need to see more clearly and correct errors.

Why You Need a Precise Prescription from an Optometrist

Your lens prescription may be unique for each eye or the same for both eyes, but it contains very valuable information about your eyes' natural ability to focus. The prescription includes different numbers – one for each eye, or three if you have astigmatism – and a plus sign for farsightedness or a minus sign for nearsightedness.

Wearing the "wrong prescription" doesn't just prevent you from seeing as clearly as possible. Incorrect or insufficient correction can also lead to long-term damage and short-term symptoms. If your lenses don't correct your precise refractive error, they may create additional problems such as headaches, fuzzy vision, and difficulty focusing at certain lengths. Of course, it will also affect your ability to drive, work, and perform everyday tasks that require you to focus.

How Our Optometrists Test Your Refractive Error

A refraction eye exam is essentially a vision test that tests your eyes' refractive value. 20/20 vision is ideal, but if you have trouble reading letters from 20 feet away or closer, you may have a refractive error. That means your cornea and retina isn’t bending light at the proper angles to see a clear image.

Your eye exam will include a routine vision test and a light test that tells us about your refraction. First, your optometrist will shine a light into your eyes and study the way it bends as it passes through your cornea. Computerized refractors actually measure this refractive angle precisely, but our optometrists can do it manually. Next, you'll wear a mask with different holes and lenses, which your eye doctor will change as you read letters from 20 feet away.

Schedule an Eye Exam at our Optometry Clinic

Your refraction eye exam will give us information about your eye health, too. Our optometrists may detect an underlying condition that affects your vision or needs further treatment, and the earlier we identify abnormalities, the more damage we can prevent. Presbyopia, ulcers, macular degeneration, and even rare retinal disorders may be detected during a refraction eye exam.

Schedule your next refraction eye exam at our North Richland Hills optometry center, and our team will make sure you leave with a precise and accurate prescription – and any other information you need to see and feel your best. We welcome new patients from throughout the Fort Worth area, including Colleyville, Bedford, and Haltom City, Texas. Call Advantage Eyecare at 817-788-2020 to request an appointment now.

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