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Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard to Fit Contact Lenses from your North Richland Hills, TX Optometrist

Are you looking for a great eye doctor in the North Richland Hills area? An optometrist at Advantage Eyecare is here to help you out. Keep reading for more information on our hard to fit contacts.


FAQ About Hard to Fit Contacts

Below are some frequently asked questions about hard to fit contacts. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that we have not answered here. We are happy and eager to help you find the best contact for your eyes.

What are Some Conditions that Qualify for Hard to Fit with Contacts?

Certain eye conditions make it hard to wear regular contact lenses comfortably. These conditions include keratoconus, presbyopia, dry eye syndrome, astigmatism, and giant papillary conjunctivitis. Below is more information about these conditions. 

Keratoconus-Keratonocus is where the cornea of the eye is misshapen into a cone-like shape. This condition is caused by lower production of antioxidants in the cornea.

Presbyopia-Presbyopia is where the eye can no longer focus to see things close up. It starts to occur as patients age, around 40 to 45 years old. 

Dry eye syndrome-Dry eyes are where there is not enough lubrication produced to keep the eye moist. This condition is very common. 

Astigmatism-Astigmatism is usually caused by a cornea that is not shaped correctly. Light cannot focus properly in eyes with astigmatism. There are two types of astigmatism, corneal astigmatism, and lenticular astigmatism. 

Giant papillary conjunctivitis-Giant papillary conjunctivitis is an allergic reaction to tiny bumps forming on the inside of the lid of the eye. 

What Makes Hard to Fit Contacts Comfortable?

Hard to fit contact lenses are specially designed to fit comfortably for patients with the above conditions. Gas permeable contact lenses keep their shape on the eye. Scleral contact lenses fit over the white sclera of the eye for a comfortable fit. Both work great for patients with keratoconus. Toric contact lenses are great for patients with astigmatism. 

What is the Exam Like?

Our optometrist will carefully measure your eye with keratometry and corneal topography to see if there are any regularities. Our optometrist will also measure your eyes' iris, pupils, and corneas to make sure we can find the perfect contacts for your eyes. Ocular health issues and refractive errors will be discussed so that you can go home with the perfect contacts for your eyes. 

Eye Doctor in North Richland Hills

Make an appointment today so that we can get you fitted with hard to fit contacts. You can visit us at Advantage Eyecare, 6509 Precinct Line Rd., North Richland Hills, TX 76182. You can also make an appointment over the phone with us by calling 817-788-2020.

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