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Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard to Fit Contact Lenses from your North Richland Hills, TX Optometrist

If you've always heard about how convenient contact lenses are and how easy it is to order them, you may be surprised and confused to learn that your eyes are "hard to fit" with these handy devices. The more you understand about hard to fit contacts, the more relieved you will be to realize that you can wear contact after all. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question we receive on this subject here at Advantage Eyecare in North Richland Hills, TX.


What Makes Eyes "Hard to Fit?"

A number of circumstances can make a pair of eyes "hard to fit" for contact lenses, meaning that ordinary generic soft contacts might not be comfortable or effective for them. For instance, ocular health issues such as dry eye syndrome, giant papillary conjunctivitis, and keratoconus may call for specialized contact lenses. Difficult prescriptions may call for the strongest and most accurate correction possible, and this usually means selecting rigid gas permeable contacts instead of soft contacts. Refractive errors may require special lenses, such as multifocals for presbyopia or toric contacts for astigmatism. Dry eye and keratoconus may require scleral contact lenses that completely cover the corneas.

How Can Your Optometrist Fit Me With Contacts That Are Comfortable?

Our optometrist can determine whether you have an underlying condition that might cause discomfort if you were to wear ordinary contacts -- such as dry eye, which typically gets worse beneath standard soft lenses, or giant papillary conjunctivitis, an irritating reaction to the proteins that collect on soft lenses. Simply selecting the right type of contacts for your hard to fit eyes can help ensure greater comfort. Our optometrist also takes precise measurements of your eye structures, including the corneas, pupils, and irises. These measurements allow us to pick the perfect diameter of contacts for a comfortable fit. 

What Is the Contact Lens Exam Process Like?

In addition to the detailed eye measurements mentioned above, we will use keratometry and corneal topography to measure your corneal curvature in the greatest possible detail. We will discuss any refractive errors or ocular health issues that may steer your toward a particular pair of hard to fit contacts. we will also ask you how often and how long you intend to wear your contacts, as this will influence the type of lenses we recommend.

Contact Advantage Eyecare to Learn More From Our Eye Doctor in North Richland Hills, TX

Our eye doctor in North Richland Hills, TX is ready to answer your questions about hard to fit contacts. Call Advantage Eyecare at 817-788-2020 to set up a consultation and contact lens exam today!

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