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Advantage Eyecare Vision Center

Advantage Eyecare: A Clear Eye on Your Vision Needs

Optometrist giving patient an eye exam in Richland Hills, TX

Advantage Eyecare is located in North Richland Hills, TX, and is a full-eyecare center. From advanced vision testing and vision therapy to cutting-edge vision correction options and designer eye frames, we offer eye services for all ages. Dr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Arlene Schwartz have been providing high tech vision care for many years and are dedicated to your eye health. When you step into Advantage Eyecare, expect to meet professionals who are both skilled and caring. Even our staff stays on top of the latest in ocular medicine.

Vision Tests at the Vision Center of Advantage Eyecare

Our vision center tests are quite comprehensive for both children and adults.  We test visual acuity, eye function and eye health. The visual acuity tests determines your reading and distance sight. With an eye function test, we evaluate eye muscle capability, peripheral vision, eye tracking, color vision and focus. Using the advanced technology of diagnostic imaging, we take advantage of corneal mapping to evaluate the health of your retina, cornea and outer part of the eye. Using tonometry, we can determine the intraocular pressure of your eyes for early signs of glaucoma. In addition, we use advanced tests like gonisosopy and pachymetry for further evaluation. Treating eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy early are critical to slowing the progression of these eye diseases.

The Latest Technology in Vision Correction

Turn to us for the latest technology and methods for vision correction. When glasses aren’t enough, we offer vision therapy. This therapy is effective for visual problems like convergence insufficiency, lazy eye, double vision and crossed eyes. It’s a type of physical therapy for the brain and eyes. Through a progression of eye exercise, the manner in which information travels from the optic nerve to the brain is improved. We offer in-office sessions that last from 30 minutes to an hour supplemented with at-home exercises for vision therapy.

If you prefer not to wear contacts or eyeglasses, you can opt for Ortho-K at Advantage Eyecare. This newer technology entails wearing gas permeable contacts at night. While you’re sleeping, these lenses reshape the cornea for improved vision. Wake up without having to put on your eyeglasses or contacts to see clearly during the daytime.

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  • "My experience at Advantage Eyecare is always excellent. Convenient online appointment application / friendly, professional staff / quick and efficient appointments. What is not to like? 5 stars and highly recommend for your eye care needs."
    J.D. North Richland Hills, TX

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