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Family Eye Care

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy with Family Eye Care

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Healthy eyes start with an appropriate eye exam in North Richland Hills, TX. When you bring your family to the eye doctor and check for potential health concerns, you limit the risk of facing severe complications and ensure that your loved ones have the tools to correct their vision if something occurs. 

Benefits of an Exam

The advantages of an eye exam at Advantage Eyecare depends on your situation and your goals. Ideally, you want to see an optometrist at least once per year to keep up with changes to your vision and ensure that you do not have any health concerns. The primary benefits of an exam include:

  • Catching vision problems early

  • Obtaining appropriate glasses

  • Determining when your eyes need glasses

  • Finding out when children need corrective lenses or glasses

  • Keeping up with changes to your vision or a loved one's vision

  • Determining when you need additional treatment to prevent long-term vision concerns

An eye exam checks for common concerns and problems, including the loss of vision from glaucoma or cataracts. It also determines when a child needs treatment for vision concerns that interfere with learning and studies. Family eye care focuses on the needs of the entire family and ensures that each individual has appropriate lenses or glasses to improve personal vision.

Selecting the Right Eyeglasses

elderly woman trying on glasses in North Richland Hills, TXEyeglasses are an important part of preserving your vision and ensuring that you can see from a distance or in front of your face. Depending on your vision, our team of experienced professionals provide the tools you need to select the right glasses.

Factors to consider when picking out glasses include:

  • Your style preferences

  • Your vision and any lenses that are appropriate for your eyes

  • Your work environment or the level of professionalism you need

  • Personal preferences for color

  • The measurements that are appropriate for your face

Ideally, you want to select glasses that suit your face and fit comfortably. You also want to evaluate style choices and make sure that the glasses comply with your personal interests for different styles.

Family Eye Care for All Ages

Eye care starts at an early age and you want to make sure that the entire family has the tools to focus on accomplishing personal goals. As a general rule, you want to visit an optometrist at least once per year to check for potential problems and treat vision concerns. You also want to make sure that children and family members visit a professional at our clinic regularly due to changes that occur as children get older. 

Your eyes are essential for your perception of the world and your personal goals for the future. When you have concerns about your vision or when a loved one seems to have difficulty seeing objects at certain distances, you want to get an exam to check for potential problems. For more details about treating eye health concerns or to set up an appointment for an eye exam, contact us today at 817-788-2020.

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