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The professional team at Advantage Eyecare is experienced and trained to handle your entire family's vision needs, from pediatric to geriatric care, and for every age in between. Whether you come to us for a simple vision test, or we work together to treat an underlying eye problem, we are committed to assuring that your eyesight and the health of your eyes are long-term realities. From prescription lenses to co-management of necessary surgical procedures and detection of disease, we will partner with you to find the best solutions to any problem.

A Full-Service North Richland Hills Optometrist

young boy optometry examination Our practice is focused on patient care and lifelong eye wellness. From an initial exam to continuing monitoring of age-related abnormalities, we have the training and expertise, as well as the diagnostic tools to offer you reassurance and treatment. Our optometrists, Dr. Arlene Schwartz and Dr. Mark Schwartz are dedicated to alleviating any possible concerns you may have -- either prior to a visit or following an exam. We spend the necessary time to answer your questions, to explain any procedures we use, and to discuss our findings. We will work together to find the best solutions for any vision problem or treatment.

The world of optometry has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Today, through modern technology, we have the ability to look "inside" your eyes in order to help you better focus on the world around you. We can map the shape of your cornea, chart the way light enters the eye and how the retina processes images, visualize any surface abnormalities and calculate relative pressure -- all without invasive procedures and usually within a matter of minutes. We can also easily determine the scope of peripheral vision, measure the changes in vision from previous appointments, and track an individual's reaction to medical conditions or medications that affect eyesight.

Many corrective treatments and procedures are available to ensure that our patients enjoy the potential to see the world clearly for an entire lifetime. Our goals have not changed since we opened our practice, and our modern office is designed to make every appointment a pleasant experience, whether it's a comprehensive examination or simply choosing frames for new sunglasses.

If you are concerned about eye health or eye strain, our staff has the expertise to allay your fears and move on to determine the best solutions. If you require specialty sports lenses, tinted lenses to counteract the effects of computer screens and fluorescent lighting or you would like to know how to deal with diagnosed astigmatism, all you have to do is ask.

What we ask of you is that you not delay making that appointment if you have any concerns at all about your vision or the health of your eyes. Won't you contact us today at 817-788-2020, either by phone or email? We want to help you envision a long and happy future.

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  • "My experience at Advantage Eyecare is always excellent. Convenient online appointment application / friendly, professional staff / quick and efficient appointments. What is not to like? 5 stars and highly recommend for your eye care needs."
    J.D. North Richland Hills, TX

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