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North Richland Hills Modern Eye Care & Superior Vision Correction

At Advantage Eyecare, our cutting-edge approach to modern eye care delivers superior vision correction and eye disease prevention/treatment services for our patients. From comprehensive eye exams for adults and children to the latest therapy treatments for eye diseases, our experienced eye care team strives to protect your vision for years to come.

Female at Advantage Eyecare happy with her new prescription Our North Richland Hills, TX eye doctor, Dr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Arlene Schwartz have more than three decades of experience providing superior vision correction. Both are certified optometric glaucoma specialists and members of the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce. We care about our North Richland Hills community and seek to exceed your expectations in vision care!

Cutting-Edge Modern Eye Care & Vision Therapy

At Advantage Eyecare, we understand that the right pair of glasses is more than just a useful tool for vision correction. The right pair makes a powerful statement about your personality and style. That is why we offer the widest selection of designer frames in North TX. In addition to designer frames, Advantage Eyecare works closely with patients to provide vision assistance for a wide range of needs. From hard-to-fit prescription contact lenses to cutting-edge vision correction options like non-surgical Ortho-K/corneal refractive therapy treatment, we help you find the vision correction needs to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Early Eye Disease Diagnosis Made Possible with Advanced Vision Testing

Our experienced optometrists use advanced diagnostic imaging, including corneal mapping, to look at the health of your cornea, the outer transparent part of the eye. Our advanced diagnostic instrumentation enables us to quickly and clearly diagnose abnormal eye conditions earlier than simply waiting for obvious physical symptoms to develop in the later stages. We help manage the treatment of ocular diseases including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

For example, glaucoma is one of the most common causes for irreversible vision loss in older adults. Since vision lost to glaucoma cannot be recovered, early diagnosis and treatment is absolutely critical to slowing progressive vision loss. Tonometry determines the pressure of the eye by measuring the tone or firmness; changes in ocular eye pressure are early warning signs for glaucoma. Advanced tests that measure the thickness of the cornea (pachymetry), the angle of the eye where the iris meets the cornea (gonisocopy), and the shape/color of the optic nerve (ophthalmoscopy) are important tests to run prior to making a glaucoma diagnosis.

Schedule Your Personal Vision Consultation Today

If you wear glasses or contacts, you need an annual exam to confirm that your prescription is correct. A lot can happen in one year, and even minor changes could be compromising your vision quality. Older adults should be screened for eye diseases; advanced screenings are available from our eye doctor in North Richland Hills. Tired of wearing the same old pair of glasses? Upgrade to a new pair of designer frames, opt for contacts, or learn more about alternative vision correction options like Ortho-K.  Take the first step to better vision today: call 817-788-2020 to schedule your consultation today!

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  • "My experience at Advantage Eyecare is always excellent. Convenient online appointment application / friendly, professional staff / quick and efficient appointments. What is not to like? 5 stars and highly recommend for your eye care needs."
    J.D. North Richland Hills, TX

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