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Eye & Vision Exams

Catch Eye Problems Early with a Vision Exam

You see with your eyes, but you can't see into your eyes without the help of a vision exam. These exams cover both vision (as in acuity) and eye health, and they are the key to discovering problems before they grow into chronic or severe conditions. While not every eye problem is curable, most are treatable, allowing you to halt the disease's progression, if not heal your eye completely. Our optometrists at Advantage Eyecare in North Richland Hills offer affordable and thorough exams for all ages, from kids to seniors.

eye and vision exams at North Richland Hills

Many Conditions Don't Have Early Symptoms

One of the more frustrating aspects of eye health is that a lot of conditions that could affect your sight don't give early warning signs. You don't have symptoms until the condition is in an advanced stage in which your sight might already be suffering. These are often conditions where early treatment prevents sight loss. So, an eye exam is your best bet for preserving your sight.

Even if you don't have eye problems and don't need a prescription for glasses, the exam gives you the peace of mind that comes with having a clean bill of eye health.

Unless you go in for a specific problem, an "eye exam" will cover both vision and physical eye health. You'll start with a few physical health tests, including tests for glaucoma (that pressure-puff test, where a puff of air is aimed at your eye). The optometrist will also look at your eyeballs and then start the vision acuity portion of the test. This involves looking at charts and describing numbers or letters. It's this portion of the test that detects the need for a prescription, or the presence of eye fatigue.

Finally, you'll have a test for retinal health. This can be done either through fundus photography, in which a picture is taken of your retina (this is a nifty procedure that doesn't hurt at all), or through pupil dilation with eye drops.

Don't Wait to Check on Your Eye Health

Call Advantage Eyecare in North Richland Hills when it's time for your family's eye exams. Call us at 817-788-2020 for an appointment. You'll feel much better about your eyes when you know what's really going on with their health.

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